Roof Treatments

Roof Moss, Mould & Lichen Treatment

Our Chemwash agents are experts in the removal and treatment of moss, mould and lichen from commercial roofs. Our process involves using our non-corrosive treatment on the relevant surface to kill and loosen all moss, lichen and mould from your roof.

The process can take several months before results are visible, but once established, the impact lasts for up to 18 months and can be easily maintained.

Biodegradable Cleaning Detergents

Not only are our roof treatments odour-free, but they’re also biodegradable – while still being incredibly effective. The industrial-grade spray-and-leave solution penetrates deep within moss and lichen, loosening it for the rain to wash away over time. Our advanced environmentally-safe detergents allow you to continue business as usual while our team gets to work.

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Importance of Roof Treatments

Left untreated, moss, mould and lichen can quickly proliferate on a roof. And, the longer the issue is ignored, the more difficult the task becomes. Not only is moss and mould unsightly, but it can also cause structural damage.

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Our Commercial Services

We offer a complete range of commercial services such as exterior building washing, driveway and concrete cleaning, exterior window cleaning and more. For premium commercial cleaning services, contact us today.

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