Fence and Deck Cleaning

Our Fence and Deck Cleaning Services

Ensuring your fences and decks stay clean is about more than just aesthetics. Our products help extend the life of your decks and fences by killing fungi, lichen, dirt and moss from  its surface. Natural growths such as moss, fungi, and lichen can pose a safety threat when it rains, as they absorb water and become slippery. Moss thrives in gaps present in timber, which can impact its structural integrity. Soft washing helps remove and prevent the regrowth of fungi and lichen. The proprietary detergents we use will revitalise your deck, improving the appearance  e of your fence or deck. Our team also provides a full range of house washing services including roof cleaning, gutter and spouting cleaning, soft washing, and concrete restoration.


Fence and Deck Cleaning


Fence and Deck Cleaning

Deck Cleaning

We offer first-rate deck cleaning services throughout New Zealand at an affordable rate. Using specially designed  biodegradable detergents and soft-pressure water we can remove lichen, moss, and dirti from your deck and improve the appearance, giving it a new lease on life .

Removing growths from your deck is essential to prevent slips and increase its longevity, meaning you can relax and entertain safely. We recommend a deck cleaning service before staining or painting your decking, to prevent trapping unwanted dirt and plants. A Chemwash clean will instantly transform your deck by restoring its colour.

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Fence Cleaning

Keeping your fence looking tidy and healthy is just as important as any other part of your property. A Chemwash clean can help revitalise your fence, to improve its look, and increase its lifespan.

Our technicians specialise in gently removing natural growths using biodegradable detergents, taking care to not damage the fence’s surface. These detergents are incredibly beneficial to wooden fences, as they do not splint the wood, and add a layer of protection to the surface.

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Colour Restoration & Stain Removal

We can strip old stain and restore colour on even the most greyed wooden surfaces. Whether your wooden structures have seen better days, or you’re keen for something new, our system is quick and effective at helping you achieve the desired look.

We can also help with restoring other wooden structures such as pergolas and archways, providing the specialised care needed.

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How Much Does Deck and Fence Cleaning Cost?

Prices for deck or fence cleaning are dependent on the size of the surface area, and how deep the clean needs to be. The type of material your deck or fence is made of can determine how long the job will take, contributing to the cost.

At Chemwash, we offer a guarantee on our workmanship and your satisfaction. To meet this guarantee, we offer fair prices for a thorough clean that will last a long time. Contact us for a free, no-obligation quote for the exact pricing of cleaning your deck or fence.

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Fence and Deck Cleaning FAQs

What is the best way to clean your decking?

The best way to ensure your deck stays clean is to commit to regular preventative cleaning. It is easier and cheaper to prevent moss and lichen build-up by contacting us before the plants take over. Specially designed detergents can hinder growths from returning for longer.

Is it Okay to Pressure Wash a Deck?

We do not recommend pressure washing your deck, especially if it is made of wood. High-pressure water can cause painful splintering and contribute to a shortened lifespan for your deck. At Chemwash, we use a soft-washing technique to provide the best care for your decking.

What do Professionals Use to Clean Decks?

While some professionals use a high-pressured water blaster to clean decks, we do not recommend this. It is best to choose a soft-washing option which combines a natural chemical and low-pressure water to gently remove dirt and growths.

What is the Best Way to Clean a Wooden Fence?

The best way to clean a wooden fence is to invest in a quality professional cleaning service. We are experts when it comes to cleaning fences and can remove build-ups of dirt and lichen. As part of our service, we can provide you with fence maintenance advice going forward.


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