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House Wash

Chemwash House Wash

Safely clean your home with a Chemwash house wash, letting your home shine.

Don’t damage expensive surfaces around your home with potentially abrasive water blasting. The revolutionary Chemwash system uses specially-formulated products to ease away dirt, grime, build-up, grease and soot – without risk of damage! Our detergents also kill mould, fungus & lichen, but will not harm vegetation. They are also safe to use around children and pets.


House Wash


House Wash

Siding & Exteriors

We clean all types of siding, producing amazing results every time. The Chemwash system is also completely safe, using as little pressure as possible to avoid surface damage, paint chipping and potential leaks. Our eco-friendly detergents gently emulsify grime and kill mildew. Tough spots are scrubbed before the loosened “dirt” is rinsed away. Our house wash systems work on all surfaces, including weatherboard, brick, plaster and more.

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Spouting, Gutters & Trim

Open-flowing gutters and spouting prevent water from collecting and leaking along the walls of your property. This is why it is recommended to clean your gutters and spouting at least once per year to reduce longer-term risk and costs. Additionally, well-cleaned trim can make a significant difference in the overall appearance of your house. This service can be easily included as part of your Chemwash house wash.

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Don’t overlook your exterior windows as a part of your house wash tidy up. We safely and professionally clean your windows, which enhances the effect of a freshly washed house. With a Chemwash clean, your windows are guaranteed to be streak-free, every time. Well cleaned windows also allow the most amount of light to come through into your house. This brightens the interior of your home, and assists with passive heating.

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"We were really impressed with Chemwash and the wash that was done on our house - we have used you on other jobs a couple of times and have always had a good experience - your staff are always courteous and professional as well."