Roof Treatment

Roof Moss, Mould & Lichen Treatment

Moss, mould and lichen thrive in New Zealand’s variable temperatures but can damage your roof leading to leaks, expensive repairs and possibly even a roof replacement.

Lichen absorbs and holds onto water for long periods of time, which can contribute to the decay of your roof over time. Our process of removing moss and lichen from roofs is through the combination of low-pressure water and industrial grade cleaning solutions. This is an effective, yet gentle method of roof treatment for moss and lichen that will not damage the surface of the roof, and through the natural cleansing action of rain will remove moss and lichen from your roof. The complete process usually requires several months to process and see great results.


 Roof Treatment


 Roof Treatment

Roof Treatment by Chemwash

We have been treating roofs in New Zealand for over 40 years, our treatment is free from unpleasant odours, environmentally safe and has a lasting protective effect.

If you require an instantly clean roof or are preparing your roof to be painted, we also provide an instant roof washing service where the entire surface of the roof is cleaned via our softwash process.

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Our Biodegradable Solutions

Our bio-degradable solution will remove harmful unsightly moss, lichen, and grime from your roof. Without harming your roof coating, or exterior surfaces our unique solution will kill, loosen and through the natural cleansing action of rain will remove moss and lichen from your roof.

Our solution:

● Provides gentle & effective penetration of kill moss, mould & lichen
● Works over a period of time depending on climate conditions
● Complete process requires several months for best results
● Free from unpleasant odours & safe for pets and your family
● Leaves a protective barrier to prevent further growth up to 12 months
● Doesn’t damage associated areas

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Our Range of Residential Services

Our technicians also offer a complete range of residential house washing services including gutter cleaning, soft washing, and paint preparation. For premium roof cleaning services that you can trust, contact us today.

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