Exterior Surfaces

The power of Chemwash extends to many other exterior surfaces

Chemwash is more than just a house wash. Not only do we service houses, buildings, roofs, walkways, decks and fences, but we can also apply our solutions and gentle processes to a range of other exterior surfaces.


Exterior Surfaces


Exterior Surfaces

Rural Properties

Let us help to tidy up your rural property with our range of rural property cleaning services. We specialise in spider web removal, spider treatments, cleaning farm property, machinery and equipment cleaning, and washing fence lines and walls. We take care of the cleaning jobs, allowing you to get on with your work.

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Yard & Garden

The Chemwash process allows your yard and garden features to shine, without the risk of damage to speciality surfaces. We can clean all exterior surfaces, including retaining walls, pergolas, archways, stonework, fishponds, animal habitats, slate and tile patios, soft stone surfaces, butynol bricks, stainless steel, cedar, natural wood and more!

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Speciality Surfaces

Our systems are a great option for other specialty surfaces, such as tennis courts and sport courts. Whether astro, asphalt or plexiwave, keeping your court clean and free of dirt, as well as mould, mildew and algae growth, helps to maintain the surface, keep players safe from slipping, and ensuring you get the most fun out of your court possible.

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