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Instant Roof Cleaning

Ensure the longevity of your roof with proper treatment and maintenance.

Our Roof Cleaning Services

At Chemwash, we provide roof washing and maintenance for coloursteel, scope-painted iron, and clay and concrete tile roofing. Because every roof surface is different, we approach each rooftop with a specific plan to ensure a high-quality clean that does not damage any fragile surfaces. Our long-lasting environmentally friendly detergents remove and help prevent mould and lichen from returning. Our use of specially formulated biodegradable detergents while soft cleaning guarantees that your roof will stay clean and growth free Our staff also offer a complete range of residential house washing services including gutter and spouting cleaning, soft washing, and paint preparation. For premium roof cleaning services that you can trust, contact us today. 


Instant Roof Cleaning


Instant Roof Cleaning

Roof Cleaning

We clean coloursteel, scope-painted iron, and clay & concrete tile roofing. We also offer pre-painting preparation as needed.
It is recommended that NO water pressure be applied to certain types of roofing, so we offer differing roof cleaning treatments to suit each surface. This provides safe, long-term solutions that do not cause any damage.

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Long-Term Satisfaction

Our gentle, slow-acting detergents often take time to noticeably take effect, but their deliberate slow action means safe, long-term results. We recommend a roof re-inspection three to four years after initial treatment, at which point we may recommend re-treatment. There is a charge for the re-treatment if required, but our roof re-inspection is free.

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Moss, Mould and Lichen Treatments

Moss, mould and lichen thrive in New Zealand’s variable temperatures. If you have growth on your roof, it is likely due to shade produced by nearby trees or other buildings, weather patterns, or irregular maintenance. Removing moss and lichen from your roof improves the overall appearance of your home and contributes to the wellbeing of the building. Moss absorbs and holds onto water for long periods of time, which can contribute to the decay of your roof over time. Our process of removing moss and lichen from roofs is through the combination of low-pressure water and biodegradable cleaning solutions. This is an effective method of roof treatment for moss and lichen that will not damage the surface of the roof. You can learn

Our bio-degradable, industrial grade solution will  gently remove harmful unsightly moss, lichen, and grime from your roof. Without harming your roof coating, or exterior surfaces our unique solution will kill, loosen and through the natural cleansing action of rain will remove moss and lichen from your roof.

This aqueous solution activates rapidly when wet, thus giving rapid penetration and killing the moss, lichen and mould over a longer period of time depending on climate conditions. The complete process usually requires several months to process and see results.

Our treatment is free from unpleasant odours, environmentally safe and has a lasting protective effect.


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Tile Roof Cleaning

Moss, mould and lichen can often be found growing in the gaps between concrete and clay tiles, where it is moist and cool. Tile roof’s fragile nature means that they should not be pressure washed as it will cause unnecessary damage. We recommend our moss, mould and lichen treatment as a safe effective and long-term cleaning option that will not damage the roof’s surface.

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Metal Roof Cleaning

Even metal roofs can develop growths, especially in shaded environments with high rainfall. Metal roofs are more durable than tile roofs, and therefore can withstand higher pressurised water than delicate surfaces if you prefer an instant result However, the application of our industrial grade treatments is also available and a cost effective option for maintenance.

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Why Proper Roof Cleaning is Important

Proper roof cleaning is important as it saves you money in the long run. Regular roof cleaning ensures that your roof stays healthy and prolongs its life, saving you the expense of having to replace it. A professional roof cleaning removes growth patches caused by fungi, moss, and algae, which can all contribute to roof rot. An unhealthy roof can result in structural deterioration, mould damage, and insulation failure. As well as being unsightly, mould releases toxic spores into your home, which can impact the health of you and your family.

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How Much Does Roof Cleaning Cost?

We offer roof cleaning options for all budgets and expectations Instant cleaning a roof in New Zealand can be costly, due to the health and safety requirements and  the time required for a detailed job, the expense of replacing your roof is far greater. If you opt for our Instant cleaning option, the appearance will be dramatically improved which is prefered by customers wanting to prepare their house for sale or take great pride in their property. This is also most painter’s preferred option to prepare the roof for painting. Taking the time to have your roof professionally cleaned will prolong its lifespan and help maintain the structural integrity of your home. Our moss, mould, lichen treatments are a great affordable option which many customers love, knowing their roofs are being actively maintained. 

The cost of cleaning a roof is dependent on its size and the severity of the problem. The material your roof is made of also contributes to the expense of cleaning it. For an accurate quote, contact us today.

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Roof Cleaning FAQs

What is the best way to clean a roof?

The best way to clean a roof differs depending on what material the roof is made of and your requirements. Treatments are cost effective, offer long term protection but are a slow release product. Instant cleaning, where we softwash every inch of your roof ( tiled roofs cannot be softwashed ) provide instant transformative  results but are most costly as the service is much more time intensive.   


How often should you clean your roof?

Best practice would suggest your roof should be cleaned annually or if you are coastal then we recommend a 6 monthly service. However, some properties may be in locations where the period between cleaning can be extended. We suggest getting in touch with one of our  knowledgeable technicians on the best maintenance plan as we have 

How much does it cost to clean a roof in NZ?

The cost of washing a roof varies greatly based on what material it is made of, the size of the surface, and type ( instant or a treatment)  of cleaning  required. Contact us for a free quote for your roof cleaning.

Is it necessary to remove moss, mould or lichen from a roof?

Yes. Moss is more than just a visual problem when it comes to your roof. Moss retains moisture when it rains, which can lead to water damage. Over time, this can cause rot and impact the structural integrity of your home.

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For the washing of roofs, we guarantee that our process works every time. On the rare occasion (especially where the fungi infestation is severe), a spot treatment may be required after about a year or so. If the spot treatment is required, this is done at no cost to you.

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