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Concrete Cleaning

Chemwash Concrete Cleaning

Reduce slip and get concrete surfaces looking great, without causing any damage.

With a Chemwash clean, your concrete, drives, paths, walkways and other high-traffic areas will look like new again. Our advanced concrete cleaning processes and detergents restore appearance without damage to any surfaces, including the surrounding environment. A thorough clean will also reduce slip, with mould inhibitor applied in most cases to keep your walking surfaces safer in the long term.


Concrete Cleaning


Concrete Cleaning

Concrete & Drives

Our low-pressure concrete cleaning process gently removes ugly build-up from concrete and asphalt surfaces. Our advanced hot water cleaning process is completely safe, while still achieving great results. The process involves using fan & rotary water application techniques without high pressure, so your surfaces will look like new, without the damage.

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Paths & Walkways

We can keep your paths and walkways safe by removing residue and reducing slip. Most concrete cleaning treatments include mould inhibitor to maintain a slip-free surface for as long as possible. Our Chemwash detergents are also safe to use around pets, children and plants, so you can get the results you want, worry-free!

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Brick, Tile, Cobble & More

We are experts in treating and reviving all types of surfaces and materials. Our repertoire includes pavers, bricks, flagstone, cobbles, stone work, slate and tiled patios. You name it, we can do it! We also offer water-sealing that will protect your masonry surfaces from the damaging effects of the environment over time.

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