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You might not think of concrete as something that needs regular cleaning, but it is incredibly important. Dirty concrete appears prematurely aged and can become a hazard when slippery. At Chemwash, we offer soft concrete washing for driveways, pavers and paths, and other hard surfaces such as stonework. Our concrete cleaning service can remove stubborn stains and prevent the regrowth of fungi and moss. All our detergents are environmentally friendly and safe to use around children, pets, and plants. The Chemwash team also provides a full range of home washing services including roof cleaning, gutter and spouting cleaning, roof treatments and soft washing.


Concrete Cleaning


Concrete Cleaning

Concrete Driveway Cleaning

Driveways are the first thing you notice when arriving at a residence, so they need to look pristine to create a good impression. Driveways can become stained from leaky cars, dirt, and plant matter.

Pressure washing the surface might seem like the obvious solution, however, this can damage your driveway. At Chemwash, we believe in preserving your concrete and improving its lifespan.

For this reason, we use a soft hot-water cleaning system which combines our proprietary detergent and low-pressure water to gently remove build-up and stains. Our concrete driveway cleaning service will leave your driveway looking revitalised and free from ugly stains, dirt build-up and plant matter.

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Cleaning Concrete Pavers and Paths

The purpose of concrete pathways is to prevent slipping and keep us safe, so when grime and plant matter compromises that, it is time to act.

Our Chemwash technicians are experts in cleaning concrete pavers and paths through the careful use of hot, low-pressure cleaning systems, combined with our specially designed detergents.

This process cleans moss and other slippery plant matter off concrete, refreshing the appearance of your pathways. The cleaning products we use on concrete contain a mould inhibitor to prevent the regrowth of slip-causing plants and fungi, which cannot be achieved using water alone.

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Brick, Tile, Cobble & More

We are experts in treating and reviving all types of surfaces and materials. Our repertoire includes pavers, bricks, flagstone, cobbles, stone work, slate and tiled patios.

You name it, we can do it! We also offer water-sealing that will protect your masonry surfaces from the damaging effects of the environment over time.

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How Much Does Concrete Cleaning Cost?

Concrete cleaning rates vary depending on how large the surface area that needs cleaning is, and how much build-up is present. Our soft-washing process uses less water and power than traditional water blasting, reducing the cost.

Regular cleaning and maintenance of your pathways and driveways is the best way to prolong its lifespan and reduce cleaning costs over time.

At Chemwash, we offer a guarantee on our workmanship and your satisfaction. To meet this guarantee, we offer fair prices for a thorough clean that will last a long time. Contact us for a free, no-obligation quote for the exact pricing for cleaning your concrete.

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Concrete Cleaning FAQs

Does Concrete Need to be Washed?

Washing concrete is the best way to prevent slips and injuries that can occur with a build-up of dirt and plant matter over time. Cleaning old concrete can help revitalise it, making it appear new.  

How Do You Make Concrete Look New Again?

The best way to make concrete look new again is to have it professionally cleaned on a regular basis. The presence of moss, lichen, and slippery plant matter prematurely age concrete, and can contribute to cracks.

What is the Best Way to Wash Concrete?

The best way to wash concrete is a combination of a hot water system that uses low pressure water, and a biodegradable cleaning solution. This removes dirt and grime without damaging the surface below. 

What Do Professionals Clean Concrete With?

At Chemwash, we are trained concrete cleaning professionals. We utilise a soft cleaning system, that combines hot water and an environmentally friendly chemical which kills lichen and fungi. The specially formulated detergents we use contain a mould inhibitor to prevent growths from returning quickly.

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Mt Victoria

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ "Just a quick message to say what a great job your guys did cleaning every nook and cranny of our place. It was sparkling like a new pin when we came home on Friday. It has been money worth spending when it comes to getting the house ready for selling. I will highly recommend your company to others. Many thanks to you and your hard working boys"